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Coordinates: 17°59′31.488″N 66°35′51.2874″W / 17.99208000°N 66.597579833°W / 17.99208000; -66.597579833

Portugués River
IMG 3312B - Rio Portugues in Ponce, Puerto Rico.jpg
Portugues River in Ponce, Puerto Rico, looking north from Puente de los Leones at Miguel Pou Boulevard (PR-1)
Country Puerto Rico
Region Ponce
Main source Barrio Portugues, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
2,853 feet (870 m)
River mouth Bucaná River
3 feet (0.91 m)
Progression Guaraguao
San Patricio
Machuelo Arriba
San Antón
River system Río Bucaná
Basin size 20.33 sq mi (52.7 km)
Physical characteristics
Length 18.43 miles (29.66 km)
  • Average rate:
    16,000 cu ft/s (450 m/s)

Portugués River (Spanish: Río Portugués) is a river in the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The river is also known as Río Tibes in the area where it flows through barrio Tibes in the municipality of Ponce. Río Portugués has a length of nearly 30 kilometers (19 mi) and runs south from the Cordillera Central mountain range into the Caribbean Sea. The Portugués is one of the best-known rivers in Ponce because of its prominent zigzagging through the city and its historical significance. The river is historically significant because the city of Ponce had its origins on its banks. It was originally known as Río Baramaya (Baramaya River). The river has its mouth at 17°58′51″N 66°37′26″W / 17.98083°N 66.62389°W / 17.98083; -66.62389. This river is one of the 14 rivers in the municipality. At one point it was also known as Río Ponce.