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This article is about the OF-4 rank Podpolkovnik in Slavophone countries. For the equivalent rank in Anglophone armed forces see Lieutenant colonel, or Oberstleutnant in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Podpolkovnik (Russian: Подполко́вник; literally "'sub –, junior – , or lower regimentary"') is a military rank in Slavic countries which corresponds to the lieutenant colonel in the English-speaking states and military.

In different languages the exact name of this rank maintains a variety of spellings. The transliteration is also in common usage for the sake of tradition dating back to the Old Slavonic word "polk" (literally: regiment sized unit), and include the following names in alphabetical order.

Sequence of ranks ascending
lower rank:

higher rank:
  • Bulgariaподполковник
  • Czech Republicpodplukovník
  • Georgiavitse-polkovniki
  • Macedonia - потполковник (potpolkovnik)
  • Polandpodpułkownik
  • Russiaподполковник (podpolkovnik)
  • Serbiaпотпуковник (potpukovnik)
  • Sloveniapodpolkovnik (podpolkovnik)
  • Slovakiapodplukovník
  • Ukraineпідполковник (pidpolkovnyk)

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