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FDA-Approved Skin Care Drug Found to Reverse Severe Hair Loss - NewBeauty Magazine (blog)

A popular skin care drug—which is intended to target eczema—was just found to have an unusual side effect: hair growth. According to an article on Newsweek, the FDA-approved drug dupilumab was given to a 13-year-old alopecia sufferer to treat her ...

Judy Greer on Playing Jamie Lee Curtis's Daughter in 'Scary' New 'Halloween' Movie - Newsweek

... is trying so hard to push this world of her mother's away from her that I was like, 'Well, it's OK if I don't know every answer to every trivia question about Halloween because my character doesn't want to talk about Michael Myers,” Greer, 43, told ...

Subatomic Particles: Scientists Make Unprecedented Measurement of Electrons - Newsweek

“One of the biggest mysteries in physics is why the so-called Standard Model can describe the results of all laboratory tests of it, while being unable to describe some of the most basic features of the universe,” Gabrielse told Newsweek. “The SM as it ...

Huge Brawl Involving 200 Students Outside Philadelphia McDonald's Ends With 14 Detained - Newsweek

A Philadelphia Police Department spokesman told Newsweek that no new details were available at the time of publishing. No information was released as to what might have led to the massive brawl. In July, a much smaller brawl between several people saw ...

GOP House Candidate Steve Watkins Liked Facebook Posts That Called Police 'Thug Criminals,' Racists - Newsweek

Watkins's campaign did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment. However, Waktins's campaign spokesman Bryan Piligra told McClatchy that the candidate “has the utmost respect for law enforcement." Piligra added that as a former Army ...

Galaxy Proto-supercluster: Astronomers Find Young Cosmic Titan Lurking in Early Universe - Newsweek

This means that gravity had a huge amount of matter 'to work with,'" Cucciati told Newsweek. Our own galaxy—the Milky Way—sits in the Virgo Supercluster, which has a tighter structure. Hyperion will likely develop into a more familiar shape over its ...

Porn Stars, Presidents, Horsefaces, And Bad Journalism - The Daily Caller

And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated an obvious truth about entitlements and government spending and Nancy Pelosi and a Newsweek “journalist” perfectly illustrated his point about why government can't get entitlement spending under ...

Black Senior Citizens Told to Get Off Bus Taking Them to Vote: 'It Was an Intimidation Tactic' - Newsweek

Dozens of Georgia black senior citizens were forced to disembark from a bus taking them to vote on Monday, prompting accusations of voter suppression from organizers of Black Voters Matter, a nonpartisan group encouraging black Americans to get out and ...

Weird 'Singing' Coming From Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf Recorded by Scientists - Newsweek

Study author Rick Aster told Newsweek: "Once we really started looking at it in detail we were stunned by the richness of information there. It has lots of interesting features that we didn't elaborate on in the current paper but will be concentrating ...

Where Is Weed Legal Around the World? You Can Now Officially Smoke Pot In Canada - Newsweek

... country and the first G7 nation to end marijuana prohibition, Canada has positioned itself as a global leader for cannabis business and development,” Steve Hawkins, executive director of Marijuana Policy Project, said in a statement emailed to ...

Many Cases of Dementia Could Be Influenced By DNA Errors - Newsweek

"We found that half of the brains we studied contained somatic mutations, likely to have occurred during brain development," Chinnery told Newsweek. "Using a [mathematical] model, we made predictions about how frequent the mutations are in all of us.

Former Newsweek Execs Charged in $10M Money Laundering Scheme - The Jewish Voice

According to an indictment handed up by the Manhattan district attorney's office last Wednesday, five defendants which comprise of the former parent company of Newsweek and one of its top executives, have been charged in a $10 million money-laundering ...

What's Wrong With YouTube? Error 503 Network Problems (UPDATE) - Newsweek

UPDATE: It's back up. I guess YouTube couldn't handle the strain of Shane Dawson's penultimate Jake Paul video. It seems like YouTube is currently down for most users. The video hosting site is still accessible, but trying to view a video just shows up ...

Fox News Fact-Checks Donald Trump on Saudi Arabia Business Denials - Newsweek

Fox did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Newsweek on Tuesday. Khashoggi entered the Saudi Consulate in Turkey on October 2 and was not seen again. Trump has not blamed the Saudi government for the alleged murder and instead ...

'Zero Tolerance': Hundreds of Immigrant Children Remain Separated, Some Under Age of 5, Thanks to Trump Policy - Newsweek

In addition, four Democrats who sit on the House Committee on Homeland Security told Newsweek earlier this month that if their party regains control of the House after the midterms, they plan to conduct a congressional investigation into Nielsen and ...

We're Killing Off Animal Species So Fast Extinction Is Outpacing Evolution - Newsweek

"I think the recovery periods cited are much too optimistic," Timothy Krantz, an environmental sciences professor at the University of Redlands in California, told Newsweek. A runaway greenhouse effect could have a far more dramatic effect on wildlife, ...

California Teen Allegedly Baked Cookies Containing Grandmother's Ashes and Gave Them to Classmates to Eat - Newsweek

The Davis Police Department, school principal Tyler Millsap and the Davis Joint Unified School District did not immediately respond to Newsweek's requests for comment. According to FOX40, the boy learned of the cookie incident when school officials ...

Trump Assassination Attempt by ISIS in Manila Aired by NatGeo - Newsmax

An attempt by ISIS to assassinate President Donald Trump in Manila last year was foiled by Secret Service agents, a National Geographic documentary aired on Sunday detailed for the first time. The assassination attempt was kept under wraps, Newsweek ...

Florida Official Who Protested Parkland Teen Gun Control Activists Fatally Shoots Suspected Shoplifter - Newsweek

Authorities have not arrested Dunn and the State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case, Lakeland police spokesman Gary Gross told Newsweek on Monday. "At this time, in the interest of transparency, although the criminal investigation continues to be ...

EXCLUSIVE: Distrusted by women, shady finances, image obsessed and an unwavering support for 'sexist men': New ... - Daily Mail

In Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump's Women, published by Simon & Schuster on October 16, Newsweek journalist Nina Burleigh describes the first daughter's political style as 'something America had seen very recently' because it echoes ...

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine founded in 1933. It was published in four English language editions and 12 global editions written in the language of the circulation region.

Newsweek Logo.svg
Editor-in-chief Jim Impoco
Categories News magazine
Frequency Weekly
Total circulation
(December 2012)
First issue February 17, 1933; 83 years ago (1933-02-17)
Company Newsweek LLC
Country United States
Based in New York City, New York, United States
Language English
ISSN 0028-9604

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine founded in 1933. It was published in four English language editions and 12 global editions written in the language of the circulation region.

Between 2008 and 2012, Newsweek underwent internal and external contractions designed to shift the magazine's focus and audience while improving its finances. Instead, losses accelerated: revenue dropped 38 percent from 2007 to 2009. The revenue declines prompted an August 2010 sale by owner The Washington Post Company to audio pioneer Sidney Harman—for a purchase price of one dollar and an assumption of the magazine's liabilities.

In November 2010, Newsweek merged with the news and opinion website The Daily Beast, forming The Newsweek Daily Beast Company, after negotiations between the owners of the two publications. Tina Brown, The Daily Beast's editor-in-chief, served as the editor of both publications. Newsweek was jointly owned by the estate of the late Harman and the diversified American media and Internet company IAC.

Newsweek ceased print publication with the December 31, 2012, issue and transitioned to an all-digital format, called Newsweek Global.

On August 3, 2013, IBT Media announced it had acquired Newsweek from IAC on terms that were not disclosed; the acquisition included the Newsweek brand and its online publication, but did not include The Daily Beast. IBT Media relaunched a print edition of Newsweek on March 7, 2014.

Neil Cavuto slams Newsweek’s Trump 'Lazy Boy' cover

FBN's Neil Cavuto sounds off on the latest cover of Newsweek magazine depicting President Trump as a 'Lazy Boy.'

Newsweek to End Print Edition

Newsweek Magazine will to go to all-digital format in early 2013, editor-in-chief Tina Brown announced Thursday. Drew Fitzgerald reports on Markets Hub.

Gutfeld on Newsweek comparing Manson to Trump

The magazine is now like a sad sideshow attraction.

Tucker vs Newsweek and its 'Madame President' edition

Before the actual election, Newsweek printed and delivered 125000 copies of the special commemorative edition in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton victory.

Newsweek Prematurely Ships Out Madam President Magazine Cover

Many pollsters, pundits and experts believed Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency, so did magazine Newsweek, who recalling 125000 copies of their ...

Newsweek's Ex-Parent Company Facing Charges

Newsweek's former parent company, IBT, has been indicted on fraud and money laundering charges.