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Lei Jun ">[lěi̯ tɕu̯ə́n]; born 16 December 1969) is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of Xiaomi Inc.

Lei Jun (simplified Chinese: 雷军; traditional Chinese: 雷軍; pinyin: Léi Jūn; [lěi̯ tɕu̯ə́n]; born 16 December 1969) is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of Xiaomi Inc.

Lei's net worth was estimated to be 35 billion US dollars since he owns 77.8% of Xiaomi, which is a $45 billion company. In 2011, Lei was ranked #201 on Forbes list of China’s 400 Richest. In 2014, he was named Businessman of the Year by Forbes.

In July 2015, Forbes ranked Lei Jun number 87 on their list of global billionaires with a personal worth of $13.2 billion.

In June 2016, Forbes described Lei Jun's net worth as $ 9.8 billion.

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