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The Epistles of Wisdom
Rasa'il al-hikma
رسـائـل الـحـكـمـة
Druze star-simple.svg
The Druze Faith
Author Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah,
Hamza ibn-'Ali ibn-Ahmad,
Isma'il ibn Muhammad al-Tamimi,
Baha'uddin Ali ibn Ahmad as-Samuqi
Original title Rasa'il al-Hikma,
Al-Hikma al-Sharifa,
Kitab al-Hikma
Translator Antoine Isaac, Baron Silvestre de Sacy,
Daniel De Smet
Country Middle East
Language Arabic
Genre Religious book
Publisher 'Abd-Allah Al-Tanukhi in c. 1479
Publication date
from c. 1009 till c. 1043
Published in English
Media type Book
Pages N/A
ISBN 978-90-429-1943-3

The Epistles of Wisdom or Rasa'il al-Hikma (Arabic: رسـائـل الـحـكـمـة‎‎) is a corpus of sacred texts and pastoral letters by teachers of the Druze Faith, which has currently close to a million faithful, mainly in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan.