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A Hindu priest may refer to either of the following:

A Hindu priest may refer to either of the following:

Traditionally, priests have come from the Brahmin varna, although in various parts of India, people from other communities (such as Lingayats in parts of Karnataka) have performed the function. In modern times, archakas have been recruited from various communities with lesser regard to caste.

Hindu priests are known to perform services often referred to as puja. Priests are identified as pandits or pujaris amongst devotees. Priests were the instigating factor to why ordinary people of Hindu religion became indulged severely in a devotional path. Hindu priests through their extended knowledge of the literature, the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana were able to encourage the Hindu community's devotion to Hindu deities.

Why a Hindu Priest Left the Religion

As a Hindu priest, Rahil Patel had always questioned his beliefs. At the same time, Jesus was drawing him near. As Rehil cried out from another religion, God ...

Rahil Patel | Former Hindu Priest | The Witness 2018

Rahil Patel - Devoted to the Hindu scriptures and committed to his faith's rituals and practices, Rahil Patel was a model priest. He was a brilliant academic and a ...

Hindu priest chanting mantras at Gaumukh

A Hindu Priest chanting holy mantras at the freezing source of the Ganges river, at Gaumukh... Gaumukh beyond Gangotri, source of river Ganga and abode of ...

Pune embraces female Hindu priests

Women priests in Hinduism are not new. But for the first time, an institute in Pune is offering women a one-year course which will train them to become ...

Hindu Priest Attacked In Possible Hate Crime

A Hindu priest was attacked by a total stranger in a possible hate crime in Glen Oaks, Queens. CBSN New York's Hazel Sanchez reports.

இந்து பூசாரியின் வாழ்கை வரலாறு || Biography of Hindu Priest

இந்து பூசாரியின் வாழ்கை வரலாறு.