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Energy independence is independence or autarky regarding energy resources, energy supply and/or energy generation by the energy industry.

Energy independence is independence or autarky regarding energy resources, energy supply and/or energy generation by the energy industry.

Energy dependence in general refers to either mankind's general dependence on primary or secondary energy for energy consumption (fuel, transport, automation, etc.). In a narrower sense, it may describe the dependence of one country on energy resources from another country.

Energy dependency shows the extent to which an economy relies upon imports in order to meet its energy needs. The indicator is calculated as net imports divided by the sum of gross inland energy consumption plus bunkers.

— Eurostat

Energy independence, while being attempted by large or resource-rich and economically strong countries like United States, Russia, China and the Near East, is an idealized status that at present can only be approximated through non-sustainable exploitation of a country's (non-renewable) natural resources. Another factor in reducing dependence is of course the addition of renewable energy sources to the energy mix. Usually, a country will rely on local and global energy renewable and non-renewable resources, a mixed-model solution that presumes various energy sources and modes of energy transfer between countries like electric power transmission, oil transport (oil and gas pipelines and tankers), etc.. The European dependence on Russian energy is a case in point.

Planning and coordination in the strive for energy independence is the business of energy policy and energy management

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