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Constantine-Silvanus (died 684) was the founder of the Paulicians, an unorthdox Christian movement in 7th century Armenia.

Constantine was born in Mananali, near Samosata, Commagene. He founded the first Paulician community at Kibossa, near Colonia, Armenia and was its leader till his death by stoning.

According to Christian historian and scholar Samuel Vila (A las fuentes del cristianismo, p. 203, 5th Ed. 1976, Tell; 1st Ed. 1931): " ... in the year 660 [Constantine ] received a deacon in his house, who put in his hands a precious and rare treasure in those days before the invention of the printing press: a New Testament. Upon reading the same he came to know about the whole salvation in Christ; and upon sharing said good news with others, he formed a group of sincere believers; later on, of preachers ... who became known as Paulicians ...". (English translation of: "...allá el año 660, hospedó en su casa a un diácono, quien puso en sus manos un precioso y raro tesoro en aquellos tiempos anteriores a la invención de la imprenta: un Nuevo Testamento. Por su lectura obtuvo el conocimiento de la plena salvación que hay en Cristo; y al comunicar esas buenas nuevas a otras personas formó un grupo de creyentes sinceros; y más tarde, de predicadores ... recibieron el nombre de Paulicianos ...")


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