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Coordinates: 40°46′12″N 73°58′31″W / 40.769939°N 73.975261°W / 40.769939; -73.975261

Central Park Carousel in the winter
Interior of the carousel

The Central Park Carousel is a vintage carousel located in Central Park in Manhattan, New York City, at the southern end of the park, near East 65th Street. It is the fourth carousel on the site where it is located.

Central Park Merry-Go-Round

September 29, 2010.

Central Park Carousel

The Central Park Carousel is located in southern Central Park in Manhattan. It is the fourth carousel at that location since 1871, the others having been ...

Central Park Carousel

A glimpse of the carousel.

Carousel in the Central Park

Aidan, Angelina and Corina ride the Central Park Carousel

Daddy, Aidan, Angelina and Corina all get their own white horse at the Central Park Carousel.

Our carousel ride in Central Park...NY/FL trip 2014