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Chosen One of the Day: Joe Estevez - Syfy Wire

Not only was he a stand-in for his brother in Apocalypse Now, but he appeared in two of the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes — Werewolf and Soultaker — which some critics might argue is far more important. It's me, I'm the critic in this ...

Nate Whitlock Passes Away - Wrestling Inc.

Whitlock had managed wrestlers such as, The Undertaker (then known as Master of Pain), Jerry "The King" Lawler, and The Godfather (then known as The Soul Taker). Long-time Memphis announcer and current WMC-TV channel 5 Meteorologist, Dave ...

Suicide Squad #36 review - Batman-News

Katana says, “My sword, Soultaker, makes you solid.” But how? This is never explained and it feels like Williams is just making this up on the spot. While I don't strictly mean to say that every character's power needs to be explained, at least it has ...

The 20 Most Powerful Weapons in the DC Universe - TVOvermind

The origin of this sword hearkens to sometime in the 14th century, when a swordsmith named Musarama crafted and enchanted the Soultaker. However, it became lost up until the 20th century when it was rediscovered by General Karnz of Markovia. He sold ...

Former Burley-in-Wharfedale subpostmaster is hoping for local support for recent novel - Wharfedale Observer

Former Burley-in-Wharfedale subpostmaster is hoping for local support for recent novel. Soul Taker. Jobs · Homes · Motors · Book an Ad · Business directory · Local Info · Dating · Exchange and Mart · Ilkley 11°c · Register Sign in · Register Sign in ...

Marvel's EIC Gives the Worst Apology for Stealing Jobs From Asian Comic Book Writers - NextShark

Akira Yoshida, the Japanese writer of “Thor: Son of Asgard,” “X-Men/Fantastic Four,” “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse” and “Wolverine: Soultaker,” was one of the Marvel's most prolific writers in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, Yoshida did not actually exist.

Review – New Talent Showcase 2017 #1: Fine Collection - GeekDad (blog)

Ray: A Katana story, by Aaron Gillespie and Lynne Yoshi, opens dramatically with her critically injured and missing Soultaker. The story involves her going rogue, defying Waller's orders and threats to get her sword back, despite Waller insisting that ...

Marvel's new editor-in-chief admits he invented a Japanese persona - The Daily Dot

In the mid-2000s, he adopted a Japanese persona to write comics like Wolverine: Soultaker and Thor: Son of Asgard, most of which involved martial arts or Japanese culture in some capacity. Cebulski used the name Akira Yoshida, even giving interviews ...

Marvel's New Editor-in-Chief Caught Pretending to Be Asian to Get More Work - NextShark

Yoshida was brought onboard to bring “authentic” Japanese voices to Marvel comics, including “Elektra: The Hand,” “Kitty Pryde Shadow and Flame,” “Thor: Son of Asgard,” “Wolverine Soultaker,” “X-Men / Fantastic Four,” and the relaunched “X-Men: Age of ...

Marvel's New Editor-in-Chief Admits to Writing Comics for Them Using a Yellowface Pseudonym - The Mary Sue

Marvel's new editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, has admitted to writing a number of titles for the company under the “Japanese” pen name of Akira Yoshida in the early 2000s. Cebulski, posing as Yoshida, wrote issues of Elektra: The Hand, Wolverine ...

The 10 best movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes - Salon

"Soultaker," like "Gator," is a movie that belongs on this list not because of its own intrinsic quality (or lack thereof), but because it allowed something genuinely good to follow. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" brought D-movie parodies into the ...

SUICIDE SQUAD: BLACK FILES Cancelled One Week Before Debut - Newsarama

Trapped inside her Soultaker sword, the soul of Katana is torn between staying with her murdered husband or rejoining the world of the living. Meanwhile, Kobra's Queen, Eve, makes nefarious use of Katana's body as she infiltrates the Suicide Squad.

The Strange Case Of Akira Yoshida, Marvel Comics And The West Wing - Bleeding Cool News

For Marvel, in around 2004 and 2005, he wrote a number of mini-series Thor: Son Of Asgard, X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse, Elektra: The Hand, Wolverine: Soultaker, X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame, X-Men: Fantastic Four, and for Dark Horse he wrote ...

8 Arrowverse Heroes Who Should Join The Legends (And 7 Who Shouldn't) - CBR (blog)

Like Vixen's Tantu Totem, Katana's main weapon is the Soultaker sword, an ancient artifact passed down over generations. The Soultaker was even seen during the Legends' trip to feudal Japan. However, Katana herself (a.k.a. Tatsu Yamashiro) may be ...

Injustice 2: 8 DC Comics Characters Who NEED To Be DLC (And 8 Who Shouldn't) - CBR (blog)

Tatsu Yamashiro's husband and children were killed by a mystical sword called the Soultaker. Tatsu, seeking vengeance for the man who killed her family, took the Soultaker and became the warrior known as Katana. After leaving Japan, she met up with ...

DC And Kotobukiya Show Off Katana Statue -

With her beloved sword Soultaker by her side, Katana is ready to strike down her enemy. Interchangeable parts allow her eyes to be either hidden or showing behind her iconic mask. Katana is portrayed wearing black armor, red boots and standing 9.05 ...

RiffTrax Does 'Samurai Cop' At Area Theaters - Hartford Courant

... tells the story of two cops on the trail of a renegade branch of the Yakuza crime syndicate that wants to control the L.A. drug trade. The film stars Robert Z'Dar, a veteran bad-movie actor who has starred in two other RiffTrax films, "Soultaker ...

FEATURE: Creative Spotlight: Yasuhiro Takemoto - Crunchyroll News

In 2001, both Shinbo and Takemoto collaborated together on the TV anime series The SoulTaker – an experimental Tatsunoko Production title that fused demons, cyberpunk, and tokusatsu together into a mystifying visual spectacle. Although Takemoto was ...

Funko Pop DC Bombshells Vinyl Figures - The Cardboard Connection

Order Funko DC Bombshells Figures on Entertainment Earth. Additionally, Funko Pop DC Bombshells figures include Batgirl posed in a purple and yellow outfit, and Katana, who is wielding her infamous Soultaker sword. And, while the Joker is obviously not ...

MST3K: 13 Episodes to Watch on Halloween - Den of Geek US

Soultaker is a wonderful thing. A handful of teens get into a car accident, caused by a Grim Reaper-like figure called the Soultaker, as played by Joe Estevez (brother of Martin Sheen). The Soultaker's job is to hunt them all down and turn their souls ...

For the unrelated Soul Taker film starring Joe Estevez see Soultaker .

For the unrelated Soul Taker film starring Joe Estevez see Soultaker (film).

The SoulTaker
The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜
(Za Sōru Teikā ~Tamashii Gari~)
Genre Action, Horror, Supernatural
Anime television series
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Produced by Kohei Kawase
Michiko Suzuki
Shoichi Yoshida
Written by Mayori Sekijima
Music by Kow Otani
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Licensed by Geneon Universal Entertainment
Network WOWOW
English network
Original run April 4, 2001July 4, 2001
Episodes 13
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The SoulTaker (The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜 Za Sōru Teikā ~Tamashii Gari~) is an anime series that focuses on Kyosuke Date who was killed by his mother, and afterward gained the ability to turn into a monster known as "The SoulTaker". The show was Tatsunoko's first attempt at a more adult (even by Japanese standards) series.

There is a spin-off OVA featuring Komugi, Nurse Witch Komugi. It is somewhat similar to Pretty Sammy, but shares more in common with Puni Puni Poemi.

The Soultaker Trailer

The Soul Taker ~魂狩~「SOULTAKER」


Larry Sharpe brings the Soultaker to Memphis

The Soultaker who would go on to be Papa Shango, Kama, and most populary The Godfather shows up in Memphis with Larry Sharpe looking for a piece of ...


SoulTaker - Opening

Opening from the Anime "The SoulTaker". Very good Anime. Everyone who like "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "Serial Experiments - Lain" must see it.

The Soultaker 01 La crête du diable

bonjour a tous les otaku, voici ma premiere video, je posterai des video d anime(court) pas comme one piece,bleach,naruto etc mais je posterai de temps en ...