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Taverna opens its doors to primary children - Weston & Somerset Mercury

Pupils from Oldmixon Primary School, in Monkton Avenue, enjoyed a Greek experience day at Sousta Greek Taverna in Congresbury. A Sousta spokesman said: “All the children thought it was brilliant. “Bambos, a Greek entertainer, played Greek music and ...

Greeks of Japan Celebrate Easter - Greek Reporter

A wonderful party on a beautiful spring day was carried out on Easter, April 15, 2012, in the heart of Tokyo at ROTI restaurant. There was a turn out of 120 participants, about 40 Greeks and 80 Japanese, enjoying Greek food -including lamb, red eggs ...

Waiter stabbed in restaurant raid saved... by the notepad in his top pocket - Daily Mail

A waiter who was stabbed in a vicious attack outside his restaurant was miraculously saved by his trusty notebook. Brave Liljan Hykaj, 35, raced to the rescue when his 60-year-old boss was attacked outside their Sousta Greek Taverna restaurant. During ...

Student choked to death on a piece of steak during Christmas meal as friends looked on - Daily Mail

A tragic student choked to death on a mouthful of steak during a Christmas meal with friends, an inquest heard. Greg Beckett, 23, died the day before Christmas Eve last year after returning home from Oxford Brookes University for the festive holiday ...

Sousta is the name of a folk dance in Cyprus and Crete which is danced in Greece and generally in the Balkans. The music is generally played with a lyre , laouto, and mandolin .

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Sousta (Greek: σούστα) is the name of a folk dance in Cyprus and Crete which is danced in Greece and generally in the Balkans. The music is generally played with a lyre (Cretan and Pontian) (or violin), laouto, and mandolin (or askomandoura).

There are elements of eroticism and courtship acted out in the dance, which is usually performed by pairs of men and women dancing opposite. Another form is where all the dancers in a row follow the first dancer who moves in complex patterns. Almost every island of Aegean has a sousta dance.

The origins of sousta come from the ancient pyrrhichios, a martial dance of Greece.





Largest Sousta Dance for Guinness World Record

Largest Sousta Dance 352 dancers for 11 minutes and 42 seconds dance the traditional "Sousta dance" of Rhodes Island. Archangelos, September 29th 2013 Rhodes, Greece. Copyright: Pointer Digital,...

Sousta Greek Dance Oakmont Verona Greek Food Festival Jun 2015

Sousta Greek Dance at the Oakmont Verona Food Festival.

Σούστα Ρόδου, Sousta of Rhodes

Ροδίτικη σούστα από το Λύκειο Ελληνίδων Ρόδου "Εργάνη Αθηνά"

Μιχάλης Καλλέργης Σούστα (μέρος 2ο)

Απόσπασμα από την εκπομπή του Σπύρου Παπαδόπουλου "Στην Υγειά μας"