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Hulk Is Getting New Armor in Avengers 4 - MovieWeb

Hulk previously wore his gladiator gear in Thor: Ragnarok, which took visual cues from Planet Hulk. As for the new armor, it isn't clear what's going on, but it does look pretty similar to the Totally Awesome Hulk comic series. However, there have been ...

'Avengers 4' Confirmed to Have New Costume for SPOILER -

This isn't the first time the Hulk has rocked a new outfit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Thor: Ragnarok, he took on his Planet Hulk look and sported some gladiator garb for most of the movie. Based on the image which surfaced online previously, ...

Immortal Hulk May Be A New Take On A Classic Version of the Jade Giant - CBR

Bruce Banner's inner-war has cost the Marvel Universe a lot. The Hulk's brought a lot of chaos to the table, resulting in him being marooned off planet via the Planet Hulk storyline, only to return with vengeance in World War Hulk. While he toes the ...

The 15 Most Powerful Kings And Queens In The Marvel Universe, Officially Ranked - Screen Rant

When people think of the Hulk, they typically think of him as a giant, green monster who can't help but destroy everything in sight. However, at one point in the comics, Hulk actually became the King of an entire planet. During the comic arc Planet ...

Advance Review: Doctor Strange #1 Is a Mid-Life Crisis Between Swamp Thing and Planet Hulk - Bleeding Cool News

Once upon a time, somewhere around the mid-eighties, Swamp Thing was killed by governmental forces. Or so they thought. After consulting with Lex Luthor, they built a machine that knocked Swamp Thing out of alignment with the Green, with the Earth, ...

Graphic Novel Review: The Incredible Hulk: Return to Planet Hulk - Herts Advertiser

One of the defining Hulk stories of the modern comics era told of Bruce Banner's exile to Sakaar, a barbaric planet in another galaxy, where he fought his way from the gladiatorial pits to overcome the tyrannical Red King and unite the world under his ...

The 26 Most Important Marvel Cosmic Events Ever, Ranked - CBR

With “Planet Hulk,” though, writer Greg Pak and artist Carlo Pagulayan had the Marvel Illuminati of Iron Man, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Professor X and Doctor Strange fire Hulk to an “uninhabited planet” so he can finally know peace. But mostly, also ...

Pak and Miyazawa's “Mech Cadet Yu” Set to Conclude With Issue #12 - Multiversity Comics (press release)

Greg Pak (“Batman/Superman,” 'Planet Hulk') and Takeshi Miyazawa (“Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane,” “Ms. Marvel”) have confirmed through that they will be concluding their heroic giant robot saga “Mech Cadet Yu” with issue 12 (tentatively ...

20 Weird Things About The Hulk's Body Only True Fans Know - Screen Rant

First, it allows the Hulk to find his way back to the radiation accident no matter where he is on the planet. The crater is large enough as it is and a simple satellite reading would provide the necessary location, but the Hulk's internal compass is ...

'Hulk: Return to Planet Hulk' review: Action frenzy fun - AiPT! Comics

Return to Planet Hulk – this time with Amadeus Cho! When Amadeus picks up a distress signal from a distant planet, he's shocked to find out that it's from Sakaar. As the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus has been trying to avoid the curse of anger that ...

The Avengers: 15 Crazy Secrets About Black Widow And The Hulk's Relationship - Screen Rant

Meanwhile, The Hulk had made his way out into distant space, on the planet Sakaar where he joined up with Thor for the events of Ragnarok. To mark their meeting in Inifinity War, here are The Avengers: 15 Crazy Secrets About Black Widow And The Hulk's ...

Official solicit for Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk revealed - AiPT! Comics

It now seems that with Joe Fixit and a Savage Hulk, this expansion will not strictly adhere to the stories of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. With only two Heroes of the 15 left unknown, could they be more Hulk opposition, to back up Iron Man, or more ...

Infinity Wardrobe: 8 MCU Costume Changes We Like (And 7 That We Really Don't) - CBR

And as it turns out, this champion is The Hulk, who has been happily fighting on this planet every since he accidentally landed there. When we see Hulk, he has a costume worthy of a gladiatorial champion, complete with intimidating armor and helmet ...

Deadpool: 8 Powerful Characters He'd Defeat Easily (And 7 Who'd Take Him Out) - Screen Rant

This Hulk has proven to be a walking Power Stone, especially when he ripped Wolverine in half in one comic book storyline. The Planet Hulk and World-Breaker Hulk storylines saw the Jade Giant almost completely obliterating all the Marvel heroes, even ...

Real Reason For No Hulk In Infinity War - Cosmic Book News - Comics

I also didn't like how Thanos basically embarrassed the Hulk, but I was pretty much okay with it because of Thor: Ragnarok, which saw Marvel Studios and Taika Waititi butcher the epic "Planet Hulk" storyline from the comics. So following the Hulk ...

Where are the Infinity Stones in Marvel's comics and who has them? -

In the recent Return To Planet Hulk story in The Incredible Hulk (#709-#713), Amadeus Cho's Hulk ends up on the so-called “Planet Hulk” Sakaar, which had been mysteriously restored. At the end of the story, it is revealed that the planet was actually ...

Looking Back at the Birth of the MCU 10 Years After Iron Man's Release Date - IGN (blog)

As much as we loved Thor: Ragnarok, there was plenty from the Planet Hulk comic that just didn't make it to the big screen. Which is no surprise, really, considering that the film crammed so many famous comics stories into a couple of hours of screen time.

Thor Ragnarok Gives the God His Due: Journey to Infinity War Part 17 - MovieWeb

This movie also beautifully finds a way around the whole issue of Hulk not being able to have his own solo movie in the MCU. Instead, they bring Mark Ruffalo along for the ride and loosely adapt the Planet Hulk storyline. It doesn't feel forced in any way.

Hulk Movies Marvel Should Make - Den of Geek US

Just call it Avengers 5 if you want, but all the Hulk threads that began in the first Avengers could culminate in World War Hulk. Marvel is going to need to go bigger and badder if it is to follow up Thanos and the Infinity War movies, and a revenge ...

The Redefinition of Character in 'Thor: Ragnarok' - Film School Rejects

Ragnarok pays lip service to the doom and gloom plaguing the brooding hero, but Waititi is here for Bing Crosby and Bob Hope road movie that is “Planet Hulk.” Rewatching Ragnarok, I was drumming my fingers in anticipation of Sakaar. I don't care about ...

"Planet Hulk" is a Marvel Comics storyline that ran primarily through issues of The Incredible Hulk started in 2006. It dealt with the Marvel heroes' decision to send the Hulk away, his acclimation to and conquest of the planet where he landed, and his efforts to return to Earth to take his revenge.

"Planet Hulk"
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date April 2006 – June 2007
Title(s) Incredible Hulk #92-105
Giant-Size Hulk #1
Main character(s) Hulk
The Illuminati
Creative team
Writer(s) Greg Pak
Penciller(s) Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti
Inker(s) Jeffrey Huet
Letterer(s) Randy Gentile
Joe Caramagna
Colorist(s) Chris Sotomayor
Editor(s) Nathan Cosby
Mark Paniccia
Prelude to Planet Hulk ISBN 0-7851-1953-1
Planet Hulk ISBN 0-7851-2245-1

"Planet Hulk" is a Marvel Comics storyline that ran primarily through issues of The Incredible Hulk started in 2006. It dealt with the Marvel heroes' decision to send the Hulk away, his acclimation to and conquest of the planet where he landed, and his efforts to return to Earth to take his revenge.

There was also a special Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook publication by Anthony Flamini and the storyline's main writer Greg Pak, similar to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe detailing the characters, races and cultures within the storyline.

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GET A ROB CORPS RING HERE! ▸ The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published ...

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What is Planet Hulk? - Marvel TL;DR

Today, Marvel tells the gripping tale of Planet Hulk. This, kids, is a story about why you shouldn't mess with a giant, super-strong, easily-angered green monster.